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1.00mm Pitch(.039")

1.00mm Pitch (SH) Single Row SMT Crimp Style Wire to Board Connectors

Model Number: A1001
Category: Crimp Style Wire to Board Connector(SH type)
Pitch: 1.00mm
Circuits: 2-16Pin
Current Rating: 1.0A(AWG#28)
Voltage Rating: 50V
PC Board Mounting Direction:Top entry, Side entry
Type: Disconnectable type,Crimp style, Compact type
    Shengrui A1001series single row SMT connector, for the first time, the board was used with a minimum spacing of 1.00 mm for the wires.
    The plastic case locking method improves the workability, and the terminal adopts a centralized contact method, which has high contact reliability.
    Low profile design to meet the needs of equipment miniaturization and high density packaging.
    Shengrui connectors uses a single-row and two-row structure with a minimum pitch of 1.00mm on the board for the wires. 
    The low profile design meets the requirements for miniaturization and high-density packaging.

    1. The wire end is changed into a riveting type by puncture riveting, which reduces the difficulty of wire harness processing.
    2. Designed to increase density and reduce size while maintaining high reliability.
    ※ ShengruiA1001 single row SMT 1.00mm pitch / circuit board connector / crimping, plug-in type Small, anti-missing 
    structure, the terminal uses centralized contact method, with high contact reliability.
    ShengRui A1001 series connectors and related wiring harness products are currently mainly used in laptop, tablet PC,Projector, AI sound, DSLR, automobile data recorder, Laser screen TV, Robot sweeper, Blood pressure monitor, Monitor, Ox meter, Screen TV, etc. And other electronic products. Shengrui Electronics is constantly striving to provide better connector solutions.

    ※  These are not all uses of this product. It only represents some of the most common uses.
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