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Spring Cable

Micro USB to ZH1.50mm PU Spring Cable L=1M

1.Maximum stretch length length is the 5 times of the coil length。

2.High flexible。

3.Good oil resistance,abraion resistance,cold resistance,weatherability。
    Coiled Design:
    The retractable Micro USB cable for car with spring shape design, portable without twining. Provides the rational length of the spring wire can facilitate charging at the co-pilot or backseat. (tensile length: 0.8-6Ft)Stretch it as long as you want.

    Longer Life:
    It is not reflective PU material (easily damaged),which will Longer life. 
    Connection between PCB board and device with USB socket。
    Name&Part Number Specification Format Download
    Y-101-B0-1003-1 Micro USB to ZH1.50mm PU spring cable L=1M 216.23 KB
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