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2.54mm Pitch(.100")

2.54mm (.100‘‘inch) straight female header Single row H8.5mm connector

Model Number/Gender: Female(Female Header )
Pitch: 2.54mm (.100″inch) pitch
Row: Single
Circuits: 2 - 40 pins
Current Rating: 3.0 Amp
Insulator Resistance: 5000 Megohms Min.
Contact Resistance: 20 m ohms max.
Dielectric Withstanding: AC 1000 V
Operating Temperature: -40℃ ~ +105℃
Contact Material: Phosphor Bronze
Insulator height: 8.50mm or customizable
Insulator Material: High Temperature, Thermoplastic. UL 94V-0
Standard: PBT,Nylon-6T,Nylon-9T,LCP
Pin lengths: customizable
Finish: Tin,Gold Plated or customizable
Standard: Gold Flash all over nickel
PC Board Mounting: Vertical (Through hole)
    General Spec.:
    Product Name:  2.54mm (.100”) straight female header connector
    Pitch(spacing): 2.54mm (.100”) inch
    Gender: Female
    Number of Contact:2 – 40 pins (single row); 4 – 80 pins (dual row)
    Number of Rows:Single or dual
    Orientation:Straight (Dip)
    locating peg:Without locating peg/possess locating peg
    Material:High Temperature Thermoplastic
    Contact material:Brass or Phosphor Bronze
    Insulator material:PBT (Optional:LCP NA6T PA46 PA66) + UL94V-0
    Insulator color:Black
    Insulator heighr:Black
    Contact Plating:Gold flash over 50μ” nickel or custom
    Pin lengths:Standard or Customizable
    PC Tail Length:Standard or Customizable
    Packaging Type:Bulk in Box or Bag
    RoHS complian:Yes
    Mating Part:2.54mm (.100″) pin header connectors
    2.54mm (.100”) inch straight (female) header connectors is PCB headers for board to board connectors connection. This Dip version header connectors are widely used in many fields. Generally as a Receptacle for insert the contact of pin header used in smaller electrical device.This product include: single and dual row in Vertical (DIP) version, three and four row can also be made according to customer’s request. You can choose the orientation like DIP Right-angle and Horizontal (SMT surface mount) to approach the function you want according to the PCB board design while mated with different types of Pin header connectors。
    This types of headers connector are suitable for PCB board to board connection or for signal transmission application。
    -Contacts: 2-40 pins for single row and 4-80 pins for dual row。
    -Orientation: Vertical (Dip)
    -Highly customized: Insulator height profile can be design to double or more to match the current you need. Pins length can be modify according to the distance of PCB board you need。
    -Materials: Metal contact material: Copper Alloy ( Brass or Phosphor Bronze)。
    -Insulator: PBT UL 94V-0 or custom。
    ※ Here is some hot goods in Dip version: 14 16 20 24 28 motherboard female header connectors, and some well-konw like Arduino headers and X-bee 6 8 10 headers connector。
    Board to board connectors or Signal application:
    -Electronic device
    -Home appliances
    -Electrical instruments


    -Car navigation LCD panel and so on.
    -Lighting industry

    ※ The above applications are typical but not limited, these products are widely use in many fields. for more information or have any advice please contact ShengRui Technology.
    Name&Part Number Specification Format Download
    P-2542SxxX1-xxPG-VxxxB-1 2.54mm (.100‘‘inch) straight female header Single row H=8.5mm connector 394.89 KB
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